Construction Lien Act Review


The Ministry of the Attorney General has released Bill 142 as of May 31, 2017. A copy of the report is provided in the documents section of this website or by clicking the Bill 142 section above.


As much of the Ontario construction industry is aware, in February 2015 the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure (the “Ministries”) retained Bruce Reynolds as Counsel to conduct an expert review (the “Review”) of the Construction Lien Act (the “Act”), with Sharon Vogel acting as Co-Counsel. The Review involves a review of the effectiveness of the Act in achieving its policy objectives within the modern context, and is also to address the issue of promptness of payment and the effectiveness of dispute resolution under the Act.

Importantly, at this stage of the Construction Lien Act Review the information being provided on this website is preliminary. It is for consideration purposes only and is not intended to express a view, perspective, or conclusion. Rather, the preliminary information made available is intended to set the stage for an understanding of what the various positions and schools of thought are on the issues and to properly acclimate the stakeholders to the issues. Where applicable, various schools of thought will be explained by way of overview in order to stimulate discussion with the stakeholders.

The Construction Lien Act Review looks forward to the opportunity to meet with the stakeholders for the purpose of discussing the issues related to the potential modernization of the Act.